Of all the bewildering behaviour
we've observed with end-users through the years of providing I.T. support is the one bit of irrationality that seems beyond comprehension which is the failure to back up data. We can install, setup & provide online support with any of the following recommended methods using Skype and Logmein wherever in the world you happen to be located:

Strange but true
Believe it or not when the twin towers were destroyed, there was one international trading company that had to cease trading as all of their data was 'safely' backed up within the buildings vault - it melted!
The ultimate method of protecting the data on your pc or office server is to backup any changed files to an online data store ensuring that the previous files are replaced sequentially. And because you're only copying files that have changed since the previous backup, the process is very quick and therefore can be performed often.

So, if you're burgled or even if your premises are totally destroyed you will be able to retrieve your important data, as it's stored safely and securely away from your premises

Sequentially replacing your old files will enable you to retrieve different previous versions of the same file. For example, you might change a large document many times without realising that part of it has become corrupt or that sections are missing and need to go back several days to retrieve the desired version. 

  At the very least:

If you would just like to sequentially synchronize your data with an external device such as a memory stick or hard drive then we would recommend using either of the following software solutions as we've found them to be excellent:
2nd Copy or Allway Sync

  Why don't people backup?
  • They don't realise that the hard drive could fail, a virus could destroy their data structure, the pc could be wrecked by fire or other causes or that the pc could even be stolen
  • They don't know how to backup or don't know where their files such as emails (usually hidden) are located on the drive.
  • They haven't got time or can't be bothered

Ok, what's your reason?



“I am not sure how you could improve. It really couldn't be simpler to set up and then you know your data is safe because of the automatic daily backups. It doesn't require any technical or systems knowledge and it's great value. As a sole trader, I am delighted with the big company support at a small company price”
Huw Sayer, Business Writer

“I have been very happy with both the product and the service I have received from your company, so thank you very much. I will continue to recommend your services.”

Simon Slater, LAW Active UK Ltd

“Never had any problems with the service. Have not had to restore too often, but when I have, its been fine.”

Ian Parker, Parlow Associates Ltd

“I can not think of anything. I am very impressed with the personal service, Chris has been very patient in explaining to me how to back up just the files required. Thank you"”

Jane Denholm, Virtually Everything Ltd

“Your system is perfect for me and cannot think of how it could be improved. An imperative tool to back up my work”

Neill Campbell, Photographer

Online Data Backup

Our online computer system backup is designed to backup a computer including all its data files and system files.  This gives you the comfort of knowing that if you lose your laptop, your hard disk crashes or you are hit by a destructive virus - you can simply restore the computer system to a known working state.  Preferences, configurations, applications and user data are all recovered using the unique Heal feature.

As with all our packages, the online system backup process is automatic, simple and reliable.

Who is online system backup for?
Online system backup is designed for those who need a degree of business continuity perhaps in functions like accounting, support, manufacturing or sales.  Your focus is on ensuring that your computer systems have minimal 'down-time' when subject to a crash or data loss.  If time is money, then our online system backup is the solution for your business.

What does online system backup offer?
An unlimited number of online backups can be done and you have an unlimited access to your encrypted and secure data files.  With System we provide:

  • Unlimited 24x7 full-system Backup/Retrieve, Heal and MyRoam
  • Sleep at night because your data is secure and available 24x7
  • No worries because your data is fully encrypted at all times
  • Automatic file selection to ensures full-system backup and recovery

How does online system backup work?

DataProtector operation diagram

The client software is installed on the computer system to be protected.  After a simple initial configuration (defining what and when to backup) an initial baseline backup is made to our secure off-site data centres.  Thereafter, the system automatically detects any changes to files and addition of new files and sends the relevant updates to the data centres.

In most cases, that is all that is needed. However, in case of need (lost files, crashed hard disk) you can simply tell the software which files you need and they are downloaded to you instantly.  In the case of a lost/stolen/destroyed computer using the Heal feature, you can quickly step-back-in-time to replace all key configuration information, user settings, passwords and preferences.

How much does online system backup cost?
System is charged for on a monthly basis.  Charges are per computer (10GB to 50GB) and start from £10 per month for an unlimited number of backups and restores. To keep the charges to a minimum we recommend that all old data is separated from current files by moving them to an archive folder which should then be backed up to dvd's

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