Wireless (WIFI) Installations

Wireless networks have, in recent years, become an extremely popular way for businesses to connect their computers and hardware together cheaply and in most cases, securely. Many businesses also see wireless as a 'must have' service for their customers and clients, and the provision of these services, often free of charge, is now becoming a normal feature in bars and restaurants, as well as the traditional office workplace. A simple wireless network can be installed in a short amount of time and will often negate the need for much, if not all, of the traditional wired cabling requirements in a building.

Wireless Networks are the next evolving technology, not only for the Internet, but for business communication as well, connecting all kinds of people to all kinds of information, voice communication and video, regardless of where they are.

 This may surprise you
We recently installed weatherproof equipment onto the roof of an eight storey building in Leicester which provided full wifi coverage for an area in excess of four football pitches and also beamed a satisfactory direct signal for several miles!
 why do i need WIRELESS?

Wireless network technology can liberate you from the confines of your desks and allows you to connect to the network from literally anywhere in the building, enabling you to access network resources, including internet access and printing. Wireless network is particularly useful and specially recommended when a wired network solution is either impossible or difficult to implement. Wireless networks are specifically designed to help and connect the mobile employees and laptop users.
 Wireless Networks That Work Well

We use a surveying and design process that many people over-look, and we are able to provide large, scalable networks that can grow with your requirements.

We have witnessed and solved the problems that arise when no thought has gone into a wireless system, and also seen the consequences of networks that have not been implemented with any forethought to security.


Wireless Network Installation Considerations

Many businesses assume that they do not need help with their wireless systems and computer cable installation. After all, the lack of wires would seem to make it a much easier installation. The truth is that a wireless network installation is no less complicated than a traditional wired system. A poorly designed network will be much less efficient than one that has been created by an expert to control the area and strength of signals.

Also, even though wi-fi equipment is extremely common, it is broadcast equipment and is subject to regulation to prevent it from interfering with other communications gear. Only a communications contractor can design and install a wireless network that will provide maximum data exchange rates without interfering with other systems.


WiFi / Wireless / WLAN Setup & Installation

tazam.net along with associated company uk-hotspot has many years experience in setting up, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of all Wireless Network and WI-FI standard technologies. In addition to the relevant expertise, we will also provide you with wireless equipment and advise you on what best suits your specific needs.
  • Wireless Access Point Installation & Setup
  • Multi-vendor WiFi/Wireless Router Installation
    • Netgear
    • Linksys
    • Dlink
  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Outdoor Broadband Wireless / WiFi
  • Point to Point Wireless
  • Point to Multi-Point Wireless
  • Wireless VOIP
  • Wireless Video Surveillance


Identify Locations for Access Points

The installation locations of access points have significant impact on performance. So, you want to be sure to do this right by performing a radio frequency (RF) site survey before installing the access points. The site survey will spot potential sources of RF interference and provide a basis for determining the most effective installation locations for access points.



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